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Kashmir Development Foundation (KDF) is a civil society development organisation working for community[1] development and empowering the voices of the underrepresented people and communities to help create the conditions for an open, peaceful, inclusive and prosperous society by supporting communities to engage in collective action for transformative change.

KDF is a registered charity in the United Kingdom and registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales Charity No.1143891 and Company No 05664890. It is also registered in Pakistan as a company set up under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984 and registered with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan Registration No. 058485 and in Azad Jammu Kashmir registered under Societies Registration Act 1860/21.

[1] Community is taken to mean people who share a common geographic area/neighbourhood as well as those with a common identity or interest.

Brief History

Kashmir Development Foundation started its journey as a volunteer effort to help internally displaced people along the Line of Control (LOC) in Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) in 1999 in the aftermath of Kargil conflict. To continue this humanitarian aid and voluntary action on sustainable basis a small group of committed volunteers believing in social justice, participatory governance and integrating equality and human rights for just peace and sustainable development founded KDF in 2000 and started its operation from Bhimber, AJK with free ambulance service, and small-scale livelihood and community development projects.

Since then KDF has grown considerably. A diverse group of volunteers from the United Kingdom, AJK, Pakistan, and other parts of the world who recognised the need for a foundation to provide support and funding to the community development projects in Pakistan-administered AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, Indian-administered Jammu Kashmir and within Kashmiri Diaspora in the UK, EU and elsewhere joined KDF.

Following the Kashmir earthquake on 8th October 2005 in AJK, in the initial phase of emergency disaster relief, KDF was one of the leading local NGOs delivering humanitarian aid in AJK. As an indigenous Kashmiri NGO, we were able to mobilize our teams one day after the disaster. We utilized our knowledge of the area and the community-based organization’s network that had been set up through previous interventions, to help meet the needs of those affected by the earthquake.

KDF provided coordination and support for a range of national and international emergency relief aid workers and organizations to help in providing emergency shelter to the survivors by providing tents, Tarpal’s and plastic sheets. We distributed 4836 tents, 2900 Tarpals and 4400 plastic sheets for emergency shelter in Muzaffarabad, Neelum, Bagh and Poonch districts of AJK with the help of Kashmir Charitable Trust (KCT), UK, Kashmir Youth Project (KYP), Rochdale, U.K and generous donations from a number of individuals and groups.

After the 2005 Kashmir earthquake in the reconstruction phase (2006-2008) KDF helped in rebuilding 7 community schools in and 5 Science Laboratories in Muzaffarabad region and provided 10 computers and 35 scholarships for disabled and orphan children and helped 1203 students with books and study aid materials.

Education is the key to success and plays a fundamental role in the development of one’s life and livelihood. KDF has been a leading voice in spearheading a campaign to obtain knowledge, training, and expertise in disaster relief management. KDF established relationships with world’s leading experts in the field of Earthquake Resistance building design and construction at Teesside University. UK. We worked in partnership with Healing Hands (North) and managed the delivery of onsite training project under the supervision experts in earthquake resistance building design and construction from Teesside University. KDF believe in the transfer of knowledge and technology and then train local artisans and engineers to design and construct houses with locally available and sustainable resource materials to meet the needs and cultural requirements of the local population.

These charitable projects at various levels are underway in AJK despite capacity issues and increasing demand with the generous support of local and Kashmiri diaspora community.

KDF believes in complete transparency and accountability in our operations. KDF is managed by independent governing bodies in AJK, Pakistan, and the UK with a common vision, mission, and values. Our records are open to public scrutiny and charity regulatory bodies for inspection.

Vision - Our vision is an open, peaceful and prosperous society
Mission - Kashmir Development Foundation exists to empower the voices of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, and Kashmiri Diaspora in the UK, Europe and elsewhere by working with the people to prevent or relieve poverty, enhance social integration and reduce inequality; supporting community development initiatives and partnerships to improve peoples’ quality of life and wellbeing; and delivering training, engagement, research and enterprise solutions for all sectors.

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