On the afternoon of September 18, 2010, Amir Kabir[1] was near the gate of a government hospital in Baramulla for collecting his mother’s prescription. All of a sudden, he heard a loud thud and everything went dark forever. Amir, then an 18-year-old student of class 12, is one of many Kashmiri young men who have lost their eyesight completely to pellets — a so-called non-lethal alternative to bullets introduced by security forces in the Valley in 2010 to quell protests. The incident has a negative impact on Amir Kabir and developed psychological complications. The darkness has engulfed his young life. Back in high school, Amir wanted to become a singer. Amir now finds solace in religion, spending a lot of time at the nearby mosque.                                                                                                                     Read More...

[1] Hindustan times

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