Consultancy, Training and Research,

As a growing charity for income generation KDF adopts principles of social enterprise model and provides consultancy services for a range of organisations; delivers trainings for public, private and voluntary sector organisations, and conduct and facilitate research for all sectors.

KDF commissions research to inform project planning, monitoring and evaluation processes to support effective delivery of our strategic priorities.

We support and work in partnership with research organisations and pro-actively looking for opportunities to build our organisational capacity in conducting and managing research projects.

In recent past we have facilitated a range of workshops as part of primary research to inform research studies within Kashmiri Diaspora Community in the UK.

Few examples of our work in this field are as under;

  1. Unlocking the Potential of the Kashmiri Diaspora in the ‘Big’ Society for development and Just Peace
  2. The role of Kashmiri Diaspora in Community Development and Conflict Resolution
  3. Jammu and Kashmir: Investment study

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